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Isabel - Portugal

Hello everybody!!!!!!

My first name is Isabel and my surname is Costa. I´m a kindergarten teacher for 30 years and I´m 53 years old. I was born and I´ve studied  in the north of Portugal, but I´m living in the south of Portugal.
I work in Guia´s parish (in the Algarve), that belongs to the city of Albufeira. The Kindergarten has 75 children divided in 3 rooms and we are 3 kindergarten teachers, Our kindergarten belongs to a group of schools, named “Agrupamento de Escolas Albufeira Poente” that includes 2 kindergarten (ages 3-5/6), 3 Primary Schools (ages 6-9/10), 1 Basic School (ages 6-15/16) and 1 Secondary School (ages 15/16-18). These schools are situated in different locations, that means 4/6 km from the main School in Albufeira.
I´m very happy to join this team. Unfortunately my English is not so good, but I will ask our headmaster if one of our English teachers could help me during this project with the translations and communication (now is a friend of mine who is helping me).
Last year I cooperated  with a team as a drama teacher in a comenius project and I loved it.
I like challenges and to meet new people and new countries.

My e-mail is i.costa@sapo.pt.  Facebook is the same address.

I have a blog that is  http://viagemjardimguia.blogspot.pt/

My best regards
Isabel Costa

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Lavinia - Romania

Hello everybody,
I’m glad to know you all and I hope we’ll have the chance to know each other better meeting face to face.
My first name is Lavinia Ocsana, my family name is Palaghianu and I say Hello to you from Romania. I’m a primary school teacher (I can also teach at the kindergarten), and this year I teach children of 5-6 years old in the preparatory class at Şcoala Gimnazială Ioan Băncescu Adâncata, Suceava, România.
I’m 39 years old, I’m married and I have a 15 year-old son Şerban. I live in Suceava, a town in the north of the country, 450 km far from Bucharest the capital. I commute to school every day which is 15 km far from my home town Suceava. Our school has 500 children in all (kindergarten, primary school and secondary school), but here where I teach there are 70 kindergarten children and 139 primary school children.
We had a Comenius project in 2008-2010 and we had the chance to meet wonderful people and see interesting places. I’m fascinated by discovering new things.
I had to admit that I’m not very good at English, but I have a reliable help, my colleague, the English teacher Dana Alucai, who is also a close friend of mine. I work with the practical part of the project and she helps me with translations and communication. We are making a great team together! She hopes and I also hope to meet each other soon.
Talking about this project, we had several meetings where we have been trained concerning the new Erasmus programme and this week I’m registering the school and I’ll get the PIC code.
All the best from Romania!
Lavinia and Dana
P.S. Our Facebook addresses are:

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Evgeniya - Bulgaria

Hello, dear partners and from me!
I'm Evheniya form Shumen, Bulgaria. Our town is the most historical place , because from here begining Bulgaria- fisrt and second capital is near my town.  I'm head teacher kindergarten, and just started my next degree- PhD student.I will finish my 4th Comenius project this year, We have more than 20 projects in etwinning , 6 from it with EQL. I'm etwinning ambassador too. I'm very creative and emotional person, for me is important  our project to be fisrt pleasure, creativity , friendship, and then administration.
I have one daugther -Victoria-9 years old, She is very good painter and have 2 exsibition and many prizes. My husband have agro business- look after landsnear our town.
In fact I will be your person for contact and will work all time with you. But applicant will be other kindergartens- it's hear's names are Daniela and Yana= They are very diligent, seriose and sheery ladies , but don speak English. I believe that will learn it when start work!
Best  regards:
Evgeniya Tsvetanova
Kindergarten "Bratya Grimm"
Shumen, Bulgaria
e-Twinning ambassador

Evi - Greece

Jolanta, Suna, Milka, Evgenia, Oksana and Eduardo
hi from Thessaloniki!

My name is Evi Hatzimitakou, the greek partner. (in facebook the same name)

The city i live is  north-north of Greece, the second big city in Greece-Milka we are very close!

    I meet you, all of you, in a very "strong" sentimental experiences period of my life....but as iam optimist and huppy with everyday beautiful details, here i am for our project!

     I have not at all experience of european projects, it's my first time this project and i will try to be actuall and on time with all functional project process, i feel enough insufficient! 
 The word-challence to take part was "puppet" as i work -except nursry teacher- as puppeteer as well.

    I direct a very small nursery(4 and 5 years old) state school -3 teachers, 43 children, in a small village, 15' min.from the city of Thessaloniki.Our school has never taken part in european programs and 3 of us, teachers, it's our first year in this school.
We started the academic year unpleasantly , as we entered in an after vandalism place, that we had to fix it, to know and love it in order to make it new and loveable for us and the children.Now...is beautifull and is waiting for visitors!!

    Living in London 4 years, where i took my theater and educate methods baggages.
Worked many years in Athens, before work in nursery shcools in Thessaloniki, as o movement  teacher in drama schools and theater projects,director, mime and street performer,puppeteer and theatro-paidagogik-group animator.
    love-and i didit many times-working and collaborating with musicians and painters/artists throuth projects : i studied physical theatre and musik giving priority to the process of the actor and work dynamics and this helped me a lot in educating young people...and me!

    Today, i live alone-i've been married before- in the centre of Salonica
 taking and giving care for friends and family (my mother and two sisters-brother-in law, my teenager niece ) cooking and eating together, walking,reading, watching movies.
     I love travelling and visiting  art galleries, bookstores and antique shops.
I am depented on sweets and discovering creativity in everywhere.

    Love doing Taiji and Jing Gong (chinese martial art and dialogism), dancing with passion,listening to musik-home, concert-places.Two years now i study folk tales, espessialy the greek ones, for the moment.
      Whatever national tale you like, i would be gratefull to read it ...or -why not- to hear it!

Looking forward to meet all of you, knowing each other our cultureEmoji, working together creatively!